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Earn Money From Online Jobs

Flexible freelance jobs. Get paid for taking surveys and writing articles and reviews.

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How it works

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Ways to earn

  • Write articles
  • Answer questions
  • Write blog posts
  • Write reviews
  • Research product information
  • Data entry
  • Proof Reading
  • Transcribe videos
  • Classify products

Who is Getting Paid

Members' earnings to date


  • 5 hours agoJaneclaimed£20.00
  • 5 hours agomandyclaimed£20.00
  • 11 hours agoWojciech claimed£20.00
  • 1 day agoalanclaimed£20.00
  • 1 day agorossclaimed£20.00
  • 2 days agoChrisclaimed£20.00

What our members say about us

Vivatic really does work, you really do earn money. I have done several surveys for Populus, and have also written a review for It is easy to use and a very good way to earn some extra cash in your spare time. Ann C

Vivatic is a great way of earning extra money. The experience of Vivatic is great, and I have never once missed out on a payment. Toluna, globaltestmarket I were introduced to, also great surveysites. You receive payment through paypal on the last day of the month. Absolutely Brillant!! Louisa L

Vivatic has helped me find work when I most needed it, such as data entry and article writing. The payment system is also very easy in terms of making a request and it's always paid on time! Very pleased with this website! Danielle K

I have carried out lots of writing jobs for Vivatic on subjects as diverse as mystery shopping and the price of franking machines. The jobs are always clearly set out with good guidance from the client as to what they are looking for. The payment process by Vivatic is reliable and the money always arrives in my paypal account on the day that they have said. Erica O

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn?

How much you earn will depend on how much time you want to spend writing articles, answering questions, taking surveys and completing micro jobs. The reward for completing each of these vary from between £15/$15 to a few pence and vary in time from a few seconds to a few hours. Completing surveys also entitles you to receive Free samples, Gift vouchers and entry into competitions. Surveys generally last between 5 mins and 30 mins.

It is free to join?

Yes, Vivatic costs you nothing to join. All the money you earn is yours and you can cash it out once you reach the payment threshold. The only thing you have to do is ensure you login once every 60 days

Are my details safe?

Yes, Vivatic does not send information to 3rd parties without your consent. Your details will only be held by Vivatic and companies you choose to connect with. You can unsubscribe from our emails and invitations at any time.

I'm not resident in either the UK or USA. Can I still register?

Registration is open to people from any country. Our jobs and surveys can be completed by anyone. When completing surveys please supply a valid postcode/zip for these countries.

Is it a scam?

No, this is not a scam. We are a real company based in London (Unit C, Imperial Works, Perren St, London, NW5 3ED) and we provide a valuable and well-established service that connects you with legitimate surveys and jobs/offers from other companies. Neither us nor the survey companies will ever ask you for any money. You are in control at all times, and you are under no obligation.

Freedom to work from home

Vivatic offers everyone the opportunity to work from home or anywhere. Sit on the beach with your laptop or work from your bed. You can work from anywhere. We also offer you the freedom to do the type of jobs you enjoy: writing articles, doing paid surveys and other jobs whenever you want.

Market Research - Paid Surveys

Your opinions are valuable, so make sure you get paid to give them. We have relationships with lots of market research firms who want to understand your views. We offer daily surveys from market researchers who will pay you for your time. What you get paid: Average wage per survey - £ 1 - takes approx. 10 to 20mins.

Freelance Writing - Writing Articles

Online Publishers commission people to write about every subject. If you can research and write up an article to a good standard then we can put you in touch with people willing to pay you to write articles. We usually have a wide variety of articles to write. What you get paid: Average wage per article - £10 - takes approx. 1 hour to research and write.

Other Jobs

We often get other online jobs given to us by websites who want us to organise pictures, find facts or input data.

The benefits of using Vivatic


Vivatic's work from home jobs give you freedom. Choose where you want to work, when you want to work and what you want to work on.

Earn Money

Vivatic's community members can make great money. To earn enough to live off you will need to do both writing and surveys. For a nice bonus on top of the money you already make, you can do any of the jobs as and when you want.

See Your Family

Vivatic allows you to work from home, which will give you more time to see your family.

More Time

Working at home allows you to spend less time travelling, therefore you can spend more time earning or doing the things you love to do.


Vivatic provides a variety of different writing jobs, as well as a wide variety of types of online jobs. Therefore you can choose the types of writing you're interested in doing as well as the types of jobs you're interested in.